Lisa Bombieri
Theoretical physics
Quantum optics, quantum simulation
University of Innsbruck, ÖAW, Austria
Student research fellowship
Research page

Lisa (she/her) was born on 21 May 1999 in Verona, Italy. She started her studies in Physics in 2018 at Padua, where she received her Bachelor’s degree in 2021. Her experimental thesis focused on the characterization of an electron cyclotron resonance plasma source and was conduced at the National Laboratories of Legnaro. She then moved to Innsbruck to specialize in quantum science. Before starting her thesis, she received the ICFO Summer Fellowship and spent the summer of 2022 at ICFO in Barcelona, working in the theoretical group of Darrick Chang on driven open quantum systems. Back in Innsbruck, she started her thesis on quantum optimization with Rydberg atom arrays in the group of Hannes Pichler (quantum optics and many body physics). After graduating in November 2023, she embarked on her PhD in the same research group.

Key words

Rydberg atoms, quantum optics