Terms of Use

Atominnen.at (“Portal”) is offered by Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften (Austrian Academy of Sciences; OeAW), Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information – Innsbruck (IQOQI Innsbruck), to inform, support, empower and connect women in physics.

The use of the Portal, both with or without registration, is subject to the following terms, which are accepted by accessing and using the Portal:

  1. Content can be seen by all users; however only registered users may provide and disseminate own content and may comment content provided on the Portal.
  2. The Portal accepts no liability for any damage or loss resulting from acts or omissions by users or third parties.
  3. The Portal reserves the right, without notice, at its sole discretion and without liability, to alter, delete or block content that it deems to be inappropriate or improper or that is no longer current. It also may restrict or remove access where it considers that use of the Portal interferes with its operations or violates these Terms of Use or applicable laws.
  4. Access to the Portal, and all content, is provided on an “as-is” basis. Users of content shall respect applicable license conditions. Use of content from the Portal does not transfer or grant any intellectual property rights in the respective content to the user.
  5. Users are exclusively responsible for their use of content, and shall indemnify and hold the Portal free and harmless in connection with their use. Hosting and making content available through the Portal does not represent any approval or endorsement of such content or comments by the Portal. The Portal does not assume any liability for the usability of content for the purposes intended by the user.
  6. Comments and content may only be uploaded after registration by registered users. The content and comments will be available as long as they are relevant or current at the sole discretion of the Portal.
  7. Registered users give the Portal the right to distribute their content and/or comments on their behalf. Registered users grant the Portal an unlimited non-exclusive, tranfer – and sublicensable licence to use and disseminate the provided content and comments. The Portal has the right to modify the format and/or functionality of the content and comments if this is necessary for the purposes of the Portal. Furthermore, registered users agree that the Portal may produce copies of the content and comments provided for purposes of security, back-up, preservation, and dissemination.
  8. Registered users confirm that they hold all exploitation rights to the content and comments provided and that they can freely dispose of them. Furthermore, the registered users warrant that the use and dissemination of content and comments by the Portal does not infringe copyright, privacy or other rights of third parties and complies with all relevant applicable laws. Registered users are exclusively responsible for the content and comments provided and indemnify and hold the Portal free and harmless in connection with their use of the Portal and claims, damages and liabilities of third parties regarding their content and comments.
  9. The Portal is not obliged to check whether the content or comments provided by registered users violate the rights of third parties. However, registered users agree that during or after the upload of content and comments to the Portal, the content and comments may undergo a curation process by the Portal and that content and comments may be deleted in the sole discretion of the Portal.
  10. The Portal operates on a best-effort basis. It does not guarantee faultless functioning or permanent availability. In case of failures, in particular because of force majeure or manipulation by third parties the Portal is not liable.
  11. The Portal may deny access for technical, organisational or other reasons. It reserves the right to temporarily suspend its service for purposes of maintenance, technical changes or similar reasons.
  12. The Portal accepts no liability in the event that content and comments are lost in whole or in part. This does not apply in the case of intentional conduct.
  13. The Portal protects any personal information it collects from the registered users as required by data protection legislation. The Data Protection Declaration describes what personal data is collected and how it is processed.
  14. These Terms of Use are subject to amendments by the Portal at any time and without notice, other than through posting the updated Terms of Use on the Portal website.
  15. The provisions of Austrian law apply to these Terms of Use. Place of jurisdiction is Vienna to the extent that mandatory legal provisions are not superseded.
  16. The validity of these Terms of Use shall be unconditional from the validity of any of its provisions. The invalid provision(s) shall be deemed as replaced by such provisions that most closely reflect the intention of the parties subject to the limitations imposed by the law and whose purpose most closely corresponds to that of the invalid provision(s).