Teresa Hönigl-Decrinis
Postdoc researcher
Experimental physics
Quantum computer, quantum information
UIBK, ÖAW, Austria
Lise Meitner Fellowship
Research page

Teresa Hönigl-Decrinis (she/her) has received her PhD from Royal Holloway, University of London in 2018. During her doctoral studies she has designed, built and operated the first working superconducting qubit in the UK under supervision of Prof. Oleg Astafiev. She subsequently joined the Quantum Technology team at the National Physical Laboratory in September 2018 where she was leading efforts in the optimisation of a novel quantum technology, an Absolute Power Quantum Sensor, that aims to tackle the problem of accurately determining the microwave power at cryogenic temperatures. She relocated to Innsbruck in November 2020 to join QuCos, a project on Quantum Computation with Schrödinger cat states. She was awarded a Lise Meitner Fellowship shortly thereafter allowing her to establish her own research direction by extending her pre-acquired expertise to chiral quantum optics with superconducting circuits.

Key words

superconducting circuits