Elena Poli
Theoretical physics
Quantum matter
UIBK University of Innsbruck, Austria
Research page

Elena Poli (she/her) was born on 25th September 1996 in Venice, Italy. She started her studies in Physics in 2015 at University of Padua where, in 2018, she received her Bachelor’s degree with a thesis on the "Landauer´s principle" and the thermodynamics of information. She continued her studies in Padua, where she got in touch with ultracold dipolar gases and the supersolid phase of matter during a summer internship supervised by professor Francesco Ancilotto. For the Master thesis, she collaborated again with professor Francesco Ancilotto working on quantum droplets and bright solitons in mixtures of Bose-Einstein condensates. After graduation in September 2020, she started her PhD in the theory group of Francesca Ferlaino in November 2020.