Adèle Hilico
Associate professor
Experimental physics
Optics metrology
Laboratoire de Physique des lasers (LPL, Villetaneuse University)
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After a PhD at Paris Observatory (France) on an experiment aiming at measuring short range forces using atom interferometry technics on cold atoms trapped in an optical lattice, I joined the group of A. Rauschenbeutel, to work on a CQED experiment. There, I participated in the realisation of the first quantum optical circulator, where the state of a single atom controled the direction of propagation a single photon. I then obtained a position as associate professor in the LP2N laboratory of Bordeaux (France) to work in a joint laboratory in partnership with the company AzurlightSystems (now Toptica France). Here I participated in the development low noise high power fibered amplifiers, and lasers in the UV and visible range (by non linear processes) suitable to be used for quantum experiments, such as optical tweezers, cold atom/ion trapping and neutral atom quantum computing. After 6 years I joined the Laboratoire de Physique des Lasers laboratory (LPL in Villetaneuse, France) to work on time frequency metrology in the framework of the REFIMEVE project, aiming to bring an ultrastable frequency reference by the mean of fiber links.

Key words

Optics / laser / metrology / time frequenccy metrology / atom interferometry