Marilu Chiofalo
Research Director, Professor, Physicist
Theoretical physics
Theoretical condensed matter 
University of Pisa
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Marilù is a professor of theoretical condensed matter physics at the University of Pisa with a past major expertise in high-temperature superfluidity. Her current interdisciplinary research is about conceiving quantum simulators for condensed matter, fundamental physics, and bio- and neuro-science problems, and on research-based tools for physics education and art-science creative outreach. This curvature of her scientific trajectory has been engendered by encounters with inspiring women-scientist colleagues and benefited from the push of ten years of research slow-down for community services spent as Deputy-mayor of Pisa, applying scientific thinking to policy planning and making. She is a co-founder and activist of women movements and part of the Labodif school on gender difference. She developed her way by learning from volleyball to score in three touches (one being hers, as setter) and from sax playing in orchestra how to produce thrilling outcomes from a composition of diversities.