Carrie Weidner
Experimental physics
Quantum technologies, sensing & metrology
Quantum Engineering Technology Laboratories University of Bristol, UK
Research page

Dr Carrie Weidner is a Lecturer in the Quantum Engineering Technology Laboratories at the University of Bristol, UK. Weidner did her PhD in JILA at the University of Colorado Boulder, USA under Prof. Dana Z. Anderson, and she worked on building inertial sensors using atoms trapped in optical lattice potentials. Weidner then moved to Aarhus University, DK to work on quantum simulation using quantum gas microscopy, as well as dabbling in robust quantum control and quantum physics education research. Since moving to Bristol in 2022, Weidner has been setting up her own research group focused broadly on (mostly) experimental quantum sensing, simulation, and information with atoms in optical lattice potentials. Dr Weidner also continues to work in robust quantum control, quantum physics education, and is increasingly interested in the interplay between atomic physics and integrated optics. In her spare time, Weidner enjoys reading, live music, being out in nature, playing various sports, and slowly climbing the ranks in Brazilian jiu jitsu.

Key words

ultracold atoms, quantum control, quantum sensing, quantum simulation