Shuqiu Wang
Professor Dr.
Experimental physics
Quantum matter
University of Bristol, UK
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Wang group
Shuqiu Wang is an Assistant Professor in Physics leading the Visualizing Quantum Matter Lab at the University of Bristol in the UK. Her research interests include superconductivity, strongly correlated electron systems, intrinsic topological superconductivity using Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy (STM). Shuqiu has worked extensively on STM of novel emergent quantum states in quantum matter. Prior to Bristol, she completed a PhD at the University of Oxford (2015-2019), and a postdoc at the University of Oxford and Cornell University (2019-2023). Shuqiu has received numerous awards including the 2024 Nicholas Kurti Science Prize for Europe for major breakthroughs in dilution refrigerator STM and p-wave intrinsic topological superconductors.

Key words

superconductivity, strongly correlated system, scanning tunneling microscopy, topological suprconductivity