Chloe Fruy
Experimental physics
Quantum matter, quantum sensing & metrology

Chloé Fruy (she/her) started her PhD in 2023 at LPENS in Takis Kontos group, in Paris. Her PhD work focus on the Quantum Sensing of Dark Matter Axions with a Phase resolved haloscope, using Quantum Magnonics. She completing a double Master Degree between Chimie ParisTech and ESPCI, with a focus in Physics. During her master, she did an internship in 2022 at IBM Almaden, San Jose, focused on developing a 2-terminal spintronic synapse for neuromorphic computing. Then, she did her final semester of Master at the Institut Quantum in Sherbrooke, in Mathieu Juan’s group, where she worked on the entanglement-based detection of a single magnon in a ferromagnetic crystal.

Key words

Quantum Magnonics, Magnons, Dark Matter,superconducting circuits, Hybrid quantum circuits, Axions